Ecuador is located in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia to the north , east and south by Peru , and west by the Pacific Ocean. It owes its name to the imaginary line of Ecuador that divides the Earth into two hemispheres . The Galapagos Archipelago or Colon, located in the Pacific about 1,000 km from the coast, belong to Ecuador . The country has an area of ​​272,045 km² counting the Galapagos . The capital is Quito , one of the oldest in South America.



The Ecuadorian cuisine is enriched by the different natural regions that make up the country : the coast, the mountains , the Galapagos Islands and the eastern region. Therefore , the main courses and desserts are prepared with a wide range of ingredients , from seafood to meat, fruits and herbs. Ecuadorian natives themselves refer to their dishes like Creole food .