Call for Papers

The Conference, version 2016, was organized around different thematic lines, which is part of the effort made by the Latin American community of Software Engineering to consolidate and publicize the progress made by researchers and industry professionals. The invitation is to send contributions for the following tracks:


Software Engineering Technologies Track (SET)

This track encourages discussion on issues related to software production process and contemporary approaches to automation and quality improvement.

Experimental Software Engineering Track  (ESELAW)

This track meets for researchers and practitioners to report, discuss and disseminate ideas and new results on Experimental Software Engineering; The workshop encourages the exchange of ideas, focusing on the process, design, structure and results of empirical studies in Software Engineering.

Requirements Engineering Track (WER)

This workshop brings together scientists and industry concerned in Requirements Engineering. In its 19th version has established itself as an event where not only involved the Latin American community but academics and professionals worldwide.

Industrial Line

Industrial Line 2016 is being introduced at the conference this year to provide a specific forum for high quality presentations focused on industrial practice and software engineering applications, foundations, methods, practices, processes and tools.

Doctoral Symposium

CIbSE 2016 will host a Doctoral Symposium for PhD students whose research area includes topics of Software Engineering