Creating domain specific languages (DSL)


Creating domain specific languages (DSL)


PhD. Jesús J. García Molina

Professor at the Faculty of Informatics, University of Murcia.

Intended audience

In general, those interested in learning how to create an ADSL-based tools metamodels and model transformations.

• Developers

• Undergraduate, master and doctoral students.


6 hours


The aim is to present the main techniques for building domain specific languages (DSL). First, construction techniques for textual DSL (External, Embedded and Fluent APIs) will be illustrated through several examples of DSL created in our group. Also, there will be shown some metamodel based tools that automate the creation of DSL (Language definition workbench), in particular we will contrast xtext, MPS and EMFText for textual DSL, and Sirius will be presented for graphical DSL. During the tutorial we will create a simple textual and graphical DSL. Also, issues related to the evaluation of DSLs and some recommendations for its creation will be discussed.